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A Birthday Poem from my True Self

                                                Photo Credit:  Gabriela Cammerotti







We’ve been together

dear one

for 42 years


We’ve laughed,

we’ve cried,

we’ve endured unbearable


as well as infinite grace


We’ve lived

a life of struggle

of light

of hope

of opening

up to the world

the deep truths


despite the risks

and fears

lurking in the scary unknown


But you have stood

for truth

for love and

the undeniable strength

of the human spirit


you have stood for

your own healing

and the healing

of others


You have been

a safe haven for

wounded souls

even when your own

wounds threatened

to overtake your

fragile heart and body


Your spirit

is powerful



a fierce goddess, flowing, loving, always flowing

willing to go into the

dark night

with a trust of what

lives in the dawn


I see you

I honor you

and I will always

remind you of the

truth of who you are,

of the love you live

and the grace you give.


Some days

I will whisper,

others I will

speak loudly

and if I need to

I will scream and pound

until you hear me.


Until you hear

the truth….

you are loved,

you are loved,

you are loved.


Happy Birthday beautiful ONE.