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The line breaks are completely off. WordPress isn’t allowing me to put the line breaks where I want them. Every time I change one thing, it changes the whole structure of the poem. Grrrr. Sorry about that.  Hopefully it can still be appreciated. 


The Dance of Truth

I see you

I don’t

I don’t want to see you

I hide from you

we are often

in the same room

but never quite

fully meet


I dance around you

You stand still

I long for you

wanting you to fully

embody me

I fear you

and flutter about

absent, unconscious, asleep


avoiding you

because once I know

I know


There is no turning back

from the truth

I cannot 

hide from you

although I might try

I cannot

pretend you are

not here,

inside of me

clear and loud

like the booming voice

of God

Truth, you will not be denied

whisper truths in my ear

coax me

soothe me

make me understand

I am better off

in truth

than out

that living outside of truth

kills me

that sleeping steals

my joy

that unconsciousness

keeps me from beauty

that being absent

takes away my life force

Dance with me

don’t ever leave

because all I truly want is you

because in my dance with you

I find ME