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I have Diabetes Insipidus (not diabetes) which causes an unquenchable thirst since water just passes right through me. Without meds it is an insane existence in which I drink 2 and a half gallons of water a day and use the ladies room every 20 minutes, that includes the middle of the night as well.

This poem is about that unquenchable thirst.

After writing it, I realized this poem can easily be about addictive love, or any other addiction.

Addiction is what it feels like.


When will I have enough of you?

When will this thirst end?

I am off balance…in an endless cycle of needing and wanting you

You leave me so quickly

You refuse to stay long enough to nourish me

I seek you out over and over, never satisfying my deep yearning for you

When will you return?

When will my wholeness return?

Sleepless nights of you escaping me

Endless days of cyclical insanity, 

quenching for only moments

then empty…needing to quench again

How can I reclaim my balance when you have so

effectively overturned my life?

How can I move in the world when at any moment

I can be sucked back into the insanity of my unquenchable need for you

trapped in an internal desert, I long for the days when you were just water


I was just a human drinking you.