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I’ve been in a bit of a poetic mood lately…it only comes in spurts and it moves swiftly through. I’m not a grand poet or anything, but I like the rhythm of poetry, the succinctness of phrasing and the brevity of it.

So I’d like to honor this poetic breeze passing through my life by committing to a poem a day for ten days.


I am not a thirty day kind of gal. It is too big of a bite for me. I like my bites small, manageable and I am a big fan of baby steps. So ten it is. I will post them here. If you care to join me, please leave a comment and a link back to your blog if you will be posting them too. I’d love to read them!


So ten days it is, here is the first one, If I Heal Will You Leave?

If I Heal Will You Leave?

by: Stephanie Gagos


I am tied to you

I am tied to our own

particular wounded dance

It is how we BE,

It is who we are

Without it, I don’t know who I am

or what I would need from you

if I healed these wounds inside of me

And so today, I am wondering

If I heal, will you leave?

If I get better, will you no longer

Have anyone to rescue

And will I no longer

Be in need of rescuing

Who will we be then?

Afraid to know

I am afraid to find out the truth

of growing beyond

who we are

Afraid of the disconnection it may bring

Afraid of the threat to our own unique dance,

the way we swing back and forth

the pulling and pushing

the unknown and knowing

it is what I know

and don’t want to know

And so, do I keep myself from healing to keep you…

And lose me?