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This week in the Elements of Art Journaling we were asked to explore earth and our bodies.

I made a list of earth associations which I then also connected with the phrase My Body is (the connections were solidly connected to how I see my body as well as how I want to see my body and experience it)

My body is home.

My body is alive.

My body is holding.

My body is holding a story.

My body is dying.

My body is immense.

My body is amazing.

My body is intelligent.

My body is ground.

My body is full.

My body is sacred.

My body is divine.

My body is humanity.

My body is love.

At first I was not too enthusiastic about the element of earth or exploring my associations with earth and my body.

As a trauma survivor, the body is experienced as the portal through which violation occurred and so we tend to have a split relationship with our bodies. I have often felt extremely grateful for my body as well as a fair amount of hatred for it. And so to be asked to enter into this realm, had my protectors up in arms.

But once I pulled myself out of the old-scary-bad-body-place and into the NOW-I am safe-in control of my process-can go at my own pace, place…I was able to enter into the project more freely.

I was blown away by these connections and it made me curious about making further connections with other elements and my body…especially water which for me is my lifeline in a more acute way than others. 

I drew the body of a female straight from my head and for a former stick figure artist, it felt like an accomplishment.I loved drawing her curves, her hair, and envisioned her with her arms on her belly. Once I had her, the rest called to be simple.

This particular art journal spread felt more content heavy which led me to focus less on the art and more on the representation of the content. I found myself not wanting to mess around too much with layering, stamping and stenciling. I wanted it to just be her, the words and circles. I’m not sure if it is done, but for now I am letting it be what it is.

I am also letting my body be what it is right now and that feels pretty darn good.