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Through my own healing path, I have worked through my truth in many different ways and one of them was to distinguish between the truth of who I am and the truth of what happened to me as a child. For a very long time I was not aware of a distinction. I thought I WAS what happened to me and I believed the voices in my head were true.

After becoming aware of and experiencing my true self and my own voice of truth in very real authentic ways, I have come to understand that there are layers of truth.

There is the absolute truth

The truth beyond our own comprehension, the truth that answers why we are ultimately here, why there is suffering in the world etc. We may find out only in our death, our moment of enlightenment or never.  I don’t have the answer to this, since it is also an absolute truth…will we ever know? I do not fight this battle even though my humanity so wants to know the answers to these BIG questions, I’ve realized that I have to surrender to some things in order to have peace.

There is the truth of our reality

These are the facts of our existence:  our father was generous and loving, our brother died, our mother was a secretary, our son is a drug addict, my grandfather molested me, I feel pretty crappy today, I am in love.  This is the truth of what happened and what is happening. Many say the only truth there is, is in this moment. While my enlightened self absolutely agrees and is a complete fan of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, I am also aware that we carry a pain body as Tolle puts it which carries all the truth we have ever known and experienced and that is very hard to extricate ourselves from it and totally live in the moment. That is the goal and yet even as we walk down a dark street, we may be reminded, triggered, struck by the truth of something that occurred long ago.  I believe in honoring that reality without getting swept away in the past so often that we never ever really live in the now.

Then there is the truth of the true self

This is the part of us that is all knowing, wise, whole, kind, loving, all that is good lives and shines brightly through this part of ourselves, which some of us really live through. We all have our moments where our true self shines through, some more frequently than others. Those who are enlightened live from this space all or most of the time (the Dali Lama, Byron Katie, Mother Teresa, come to mind etc.) It is my personal goal to live from this self as often as I can and there are days where my pain body is so strong that I cannot even feel my true self. And there are days where I am completely embodying my true self and I feel right and good, and pure and I can feel that knowing that is all is right with the world. It really is.

So for me one of the ways to heal is to move through the truth of our reality to the truth of the true self

I believe in transforming our pain into power. Moving through the truth of our pain, to the truth of our power. Moving from the truth of our wounding, to the truth of our wholeness.  It is the basis for much of the work that I do.  I help people come back to the truth of who they are.  And it means we must go through the dark alley sometimes and so the work I do with people is meant to transmute the darkness into light and sometimes it take a while, with lots of steps forward and backward…because many of us are so used to the dark, so familiar with it..we don’t want to let it go. We are afraid. We are afraid to feel those old feelings, to go into that which broke our hearts and spirits.

The truth is healing can be messy and scary and hard.  But it is also empowering, expansive and eye opening/heart opening/soul opening. When we get a glimpse of our true self and begin to live from it, there is no turning back…it gets harder to live from the old familiar body of pain.

And you wouldn’t believe how many of us are walking around not knowing the truth of who we are and still carrying our body of pain like luggage, dragging it around with us into our relationships and into everything we do.

Healing work allows you to lighten that load. I’m not sure if we can ever get to every piece of pain in that luggage, but finding relief and healing layer by layer is important and I believe necessary if we want to live happier, healthier and more abundant lives (that means abundant in love, money, health, all of it). A willingness and the courage to go through our layers of truth to live consciously and to heal our pain is often the first step and goes a really long way.