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For months, I had this image of a woman sitting, drawing in her knees… a position of protection, maybe even some sadness. I also had an image of a woman completely open to life, wings spread so to speak, embracing and celebrating life.

I wanted to visually represent a message of hope, healing and transformation for my coaching practice.

In my mind these two women are the same woman. The wounded self often run by the voice of untruth, and the true self  which is the ultimate truth of ourselves, and who we are at our core.

Both exist within us.

The yin and the yang, the dark and the light. The flip sides of a coin that make the whole. And so I wanted a logo that represented both aspect of the human experience, in particular the experience of survivors who have a very strong “pain body” as Eckhart Tolle calls it.

I also wanted the logo to represent the undeniable power of the human spirit to move through the place of darkness into a place of light.

And although I do not see this as a linear thing, or a permanent state, or destination, I do believe it is possible to keep returning to the place of embracing and being open to life again and again.

We contract and expand and in the contraction, we give birth to a greater expansion of ourselves.

It is a process, not a destination. And so I wanted to represent that process in a visual way.

I wanted to show that we are not meant to stay down for too long, that in fact we are meant to come out of the ashes and thrive, grow, expand, love… again and again.

My friend saw the figure sitting as a child and the figure standing as the woman she becomes, open, free, light, soaring.

What do you see?