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Many of you know, I have recently found a new love…art journaling.

I can’t say enough about this beautiful container for self expression, healing and truth.  Unfortunately procrastinator over here, doesn’t get to the art journal page as often as she would like.

Effy Wild’s e-course, Elements of Art Journaling starts tomorrow and I am pretty excited about digging in.

What’s great about an ecourse is that it gets you going, it helps you commit to returning to the page again and again. And if you know anything about Effy, it is that she will be challenging us and inspiring us to the page.

Besides getting to the page every week and my commitment to blogging about it, I love the idea of an e-course infused with the elements. It sounds so grounding and cleansing. I love the idea of working with earth, air, water, fire and spirit.

This is an e-course I know will not only challenge me artistically and deepen my experience with the materials I use and the way I use them, but I am looking forward even more to the way the course will grow my soul. I hope you all will enjoy my weekly blog posts on what we are doing and if you feel called, there is still time for you to join the fun!

You can click on the image above to join.

And Effy has left the price at $50 for all 6 weeks.