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I am going away on a retreat tomorrow…not just any retreat. I have been waiting for a couple of years for this one, as it is only given every two years. It is going to be led by my former therapist, in the retreat center where I have done deep personal work as well as trained in the Shalom Process. I know I am in good hands and yet all my young parts are scared and activated. I am soothing them even just by writing this. Letting them know it will all be okay and that adult Stephanie is on board and taking care of matters. 🙂

I ask that you keep me in your thoughts. This is tender, powerful and necessary work for me in order for me to continue to give to my fellow survivors.

For the next four days, I am choosing to roll in the deep. The song keeps playing in my head.  I will be rolling in the deepest parts of me, accessing little girl traumas, violation waters, and the murkiness of my body memories.  I am both scared and excited.

Although I do personal work on my trauma on a regular basis, the Shalom Process goes a lot deeper and this time I will be in a room full of my survivor sisters. I will have to use a lot of self care to be present to them, while not absorbing every story, and burning out by the second day (I’ve done this before).  I will need to remain present for my own process, also difficult as I can easily disassociate when my inner protectors feel threatened.

I will need to stay in the sacred space, even though my feet/legs will want to run.  I know this weekend will inform much of the work I am doing with women but I must try not to let my coach/wounded healer/learner part take over…another crafty way I have of removing myself.

I will need your support when I return and I will ask for it. Many of you have reached out to me on so many occasions and I know this experience will help me come from an even deeper understanding. I thank you for all your loving and encouraging words throughout the years.

Honoring our Sacred Wounds: Healing Sexual Trauma

Thursday, June 02, 2011 to Sunday, June 05, 2011
This retreat uses the power of the Shalom process and the loving community of women to explore deep wounds of a sexual nature.  So often the experience of sexual trauma is carried in solitude and silence.  This retreat is an opportunity to be witnessed in loving community with others who have experienced similar wounds and continue the process of inner transformation.
We will explore at the deepest level, our birthright to innocence, the reclaiming of our bodies, and re-connection to our authentic power.  Gradually we rework the trauma by releasing old defenses and symptoms and opening ourselves to empowerment and freedom of expression.  Nance brings compassion from her personal experience and extensive professional training in working with the healing of trauma.
Led By: Nance Mc Gee


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