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This week Effy Wild at Wild Precious Studio invites us to play with self love on the page.  Ironically, as I was creating this page, I had to call on self love throughout. I completely messed up on her face when I used a waterproof pen which I thought would immediately be waterproof. A newbie mistake, not letting things dry, rushing, moving on to the next thing too quickly.

So my beautiful girl’s nose and mouth smeared  and no matter how much I tried to fix her, I kept making it worse. At one point I had to erase her nose altogether in order to create a new one. It was a smudgy mess. Eventually I was able to work with the smudges and using a copic skin tone refiller and a q-tip, I was able to work a few miracles. 

This process was a perfect example of what I find myself doing at times, the fixing I mean, the trying to make it perfect, the getting frustrated at my perceived “inadequacies”. Lately I am finding that everything, the dog, the feisty daughter, the “imperfect” art, are all here for me to be patient and above all love myself.

This art journal entry is a tribute to self loving, to being imperfectly beautiful and to knowing I am loved especially by my Self. And I think every page we create in our art journals is an act of self love because we are choosing to art, to spend time with ourselves, to create, to express ourselves.  It is a self loving act to choose to put aside the time so that we can honor what is inside.

Very soon, Effy Wild will be offering an exciting ecourse on the elements of art journaling at Wild Precious Studio. The Elements of Art Journaling is going to take you on a journey through earth, air, water, fire and spirit that will help you to create the most meaningful pages you possibly can. Registrations starts June 1st and the actual course begins July 1st. 

I am very excited to be taking this course as exploring the elements is something I have always been interested in. I am also grateful to be taking a course that forces me into the artist chair. Sometimes I need a nudge, well, more like a big shove, but let’s be nice. Let me know if you decide to join!