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Just finished watching The Big C on Showtime on Demand. I watched the whole first season over the past two days.

You know some television shows and films are a waste of time, fluff, a distraction from the life we are not living or the life that is getting too hard to live or just a plain ole distraction. But sometimes, a show comes along that is life altering, perception changing and touches you in a way that is surprising.

I have always appreciated the power of film, stories on the screen, whether it be the big screen or the little screen, it doesn’t matter. What matters is the story, the characters, and I have a deep love for visual storytelling. I’ve been writing some form of screenwriting since I was eleven.

The Big C just ripped my heart out and put it back together again but in a good way. Without giving too much away, The Big C is about a woman who gets a stage 4 Melanoma diagnosis and decides to not tell her family and just live out her days, well fully living. The characters are rich, deep and funny and I find myself drawn into the story, captivated by each character’s struggle with life and sometimes death.

I have also felt this same struggle, having been close to dying a couple of times in my life. I have also felt the ache of leaving and the pain of staying on more than one occasion and this little show on Showtime, just really pulled out of me, my deep gratitude for this life and all that I love in it.

I feel full today, my heart is full of love for my child, my family, my friends, my clients, my faithful tribe, Spirit, my dog, my rabbit, and all that really matters. It’s nice when something, whatever it is, reminds you of the beauty of your life and literally yanks you out of the illusion. I felt the veil lift and had a moment in which, I said, “oh, that’s right, that’s what it’s about…life is so beautiful isn’t it?”

Big thank you to The Big C.