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This winter was difficult for many and not just weather-wise. I myself found a great need to draw inward,and remain in my cocoon, protective almost. 

Today as we emerge from the winter that never ceases, I feel the stirrings of new ideas, a need to redefine myself and what I want in my life. This happens for me every few years in a big way, and on a smaller scale every few months.  While I have seen this as a negative in the past, feeling guilty for moving on to something else and seeing it as an in-completion…I am beginning to understand that it is part of my creative rhythm.
It is my pattern to redefine myself, to redefine the path I am on. It is in fact a good thing based on the pleasure I get out of learning and growing.  I believe we should always grow and change, and add on to the joy and love that already exists in our lives.
And so as I move forward and dream new dreams and revitalize old ones, I allow myself to sit with all that is me. I am not just a coach, a woman, a mother, a writer, a group facilitor, a survivor, friend, sister, aunt, grandma…I am all of these and sometimes some parts of me take precedence, depending on my focus at the time. Lately I am a woman transitioning into becoming a Vegan (an albeit sloooooww transition), I am a writer revising her 6 year old book,a lost artist who delights in the rediscovery of play and art, a singer who practices songs on her own and occasionally with her friend who plays along with her guitar,
I am a woman who dreams of ways she can share her gifts with the world and struggles with self doubt.  Some days I am the woman who would rather vegetate in front of the television (with a snack of course) rather than do any of the above. I allow for some of that and I am learning to let go of the guilt associated with the need to slack.  Even the slacking is part of the process.
I am all of it, and I am learning to love all these lovely and sometimes not so lovely parts.  I encourage you to do the same, love all of you because even the parts that resist are part of the process of embracing, living, growing, and changing. And just like many of us wrapped ourselves up in the cocoon this winter, it was a necessary part of the emerging, the stirrings of unfolding life within us.