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I love Facebook. It allows me to stay connected to some amazing people, I would probably not connect with otherwise. You know how you meet people, have great conversations and experiences with them, but will probably not necessarily call each other and meet up with each other ever again and if you did, it would be very infrequently.  Facebook allows me not to lose touch with those wonderful people. It allows me to keep up with what is going on in their lives to some small extent and have some small connection with them.  I have to say that I never really thought, I could feel connected or supported through cyberland, but Facebook truly gives a common space for people to just say hey, I am here, if you need me and that feels good.
On the other hand, lately I feel as if some people are getting the wrong impression. The truth is I am a glass half empty girl, when it comes to my life (not the lives of others) and I hate to admit that, but it is true. I tend to focus on what is not going right and so I rarely post wonderful things that are going on in my life. Instead when I am having a bad day or moment, I may post a status that is reaching out to hear the cyber voices from beyond, to say, we are with you girl.
Unfortunately when I speak to people one on one or via email, they usually say, “so I hear your not doing so well.” “or I am sorry you are having such a hard time” and I will think to myself, “I am? Where did they get that idea?” And then I remember the status update I put up a week ago and maybe another one I may have put up two weeks before that and I realize my status updates are giving the wrong impression. 
I love reaching out through facebook on a not so good, horrible day and getting some facebook love. It doesn’t mean I am down and in the dumps all the time. I just don’t reach out when I am feeling good and I don’t celebrate the good as much as I should. Note to self: Happy Facebook statuses too!
So to all my wonderful friends, I am okay, I am moving along quite nicely, I am enjoying life and yes, I suffer from chronic pain, I had a crappy childhood and some days are not so good….but I really need you to know that a facebook status or two, does not a life make and that along with the bad day, there are a thousand moments of love, joy, fun, and laughter. I promise to try and share those too.