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I just found the very cool wishcasting wednesday challenge. Every Wednesday Jamie over at Jamie Ridler Studios provides a lovely wish prompt to blog about.  Please join in even if you don’t have a blog,  by just commenting on your wish for yourself, using the prompt given. I’d really love to hear from you. (Just so I know I am not talking to myself.) And because I need/want to connect with you out there in cyberland. I need to know you are real. 🙂 Alright, I’ll stop being weird.
Anywho, I wish to say YES to HOPE, to BELIEVING that all is well and that I can HANDLE WITH GRACE whatever comes my way. I WISH to say YES to being BOLD and BRAVE, to LOVING myself truly, to being EMBODIED, to loving my BODY, I wish to say YES, to accepting all that I am, flaws, mistakes and all. I wish to say a BIG YES to my DIVINITY and what that really means. I say YES to all this, on this day, at this hour, and courageously and boldly proclaim that I am worth it, and good enough and have always been.