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12 Lessons in Self Healing

Ebook and Workbook Package

ebook workbook 2


Healing isn’t easy..sometimes it can downright painful, but the truth is, you can heal.  You have within you the power to heal. With self awareness, you are your own best healing expert. You ultimately have the keys to your own healing.

The 12 Lessons in Self Healing Ebook and Workbook is a powerful intimate self reflection guide.  These lessons came out of my own need to do healing work in between therapy sessions and retreats.  I found that one hour a week or a four day retreat alone wasn’t going to address some of the issues I faced on a daily basis as someone who had experienced childhood wounding.

The ebook and workbook is a way to go deeper with yourself, to reflect on how the experiences of the past may still be affecting you today and what you can do to heal the past and be more present in your NOW.

Since you each are unique individuals, with your own healing needs, I’ve put together 12 lessons on 12 topics that chronically come up with women who are healing from childhood wounding and women in general as most women have experienced some childhood pain.


With this ebook and workbook  you will:

become more self aware

go deeper into your past, and the effects therein

explore your truth and hidden truths

find a deeper knowing into who you are beyond the wounds

use healing practices to help you be present to your feelings as well as begin to shift and heal your wounding





The Ebook and Workbook Package



ebook workbook 2

The ebook contains lessons on each topic giving examples of the common issues as well as healing practices for you explore the topic within the context of your own life.

The workbook contains journaling and art prompts for each chapter, designed for you to uncover your own limiting beliefs and move through to a greater consciousness beyond your wounding.The workbook contains the “work” you can do to go deeper into the topics in your life, with pages to print out and fill out.

The journaling and art prompts prompt you to self reflect, remember, and connect the past with the present.  The workbook gives you questions for you to answer and spaces to fill in your answers. You can easily print out the workbook as you work through the material or all at once or you can simply do the journaling activities right in your writing journal or healing journal..

This writing is for your eyes only and is not meant to be “good writing”, so you don’t have to be a writer or a journal keeper to do the work.

For the art prompts, you do not need to be an “artist” or know how to draw, or even be someone who likes paint or draw to do the art prompts. Anyone can sketch out with stick figures how they felt as a child and it will still have the same benefit. Some of you may want to do full blown art pages and that is fine too.

12 Lessons in Self Healing is a digital ebook and workbook which can be downloaded on to your computer and printed out or read right on your laptop, IPad or computer. Note this is not a hard copy book. All free gifts are included in this purchase.



12 Lessons in Self Healing

Table of Contents


How to Use this Ebook

Lesson One: What Keeps us From Healing?

Lesson Two: Self Image and Childhood

Lesson Three: Boundaries and Childhood

Lesson Four: Shame and Childhood

Lesson Five: Remembering Safely

Lesson Six: Self Care

Lesson Seven: Triggers

Lesson Eight: Knowing the Wonderchild within

Lesson Nine: Reparenting the Wounded Child

Lesson Ten: Exploring Regret and Guilt

Lesson Eleven: Knowing your Guilt Hotspots

Lesson Twelve: Letting happiness In

Closing: Listening to Your Life


Ebook and Workbook



The Video Package includes the Ebook, Workbook and Videos

(for $23 more, less than a dollar per video

details here)


Sample Lesson Guilt Hotspots

View a Sample Art Video here:








4 Responses

  1. Terry Butler
    Terry Butler / 1-23-2013 / ·

    Hi Stephanie! I have always been drawn to your blog posts (I save them as if I couldn’t go your blog and reread them) and I am interested in this workshop. I have recently focused on self-care. Since I am not a survivor of child abuse, would this be a good fit for me?

  2. Katie Jo Merrill-Foote
    Katie Jo Merrill-Foote / 2-21-2013 / ·

    Hi there. I just wanted to put up a little bit about why I found my way here. I have had issues with moving forward with my life. I am stuck. I journal a lot and have been doing so for several years now. Some of it is Art journaling, but mostly just writing whatever is going through my mind on that day. Just writing things down does get me to let go of some angst and pain. I never had the best relationship with my Mother or my Grandmother. They were very much controlling sorts, as that is what they learned. Even though I know this, there are still many unresolved issues in my mind. Mom is gone now. she has been dead almost 9 years come May. I was able to spend lots of time with her her last few months. That was very healing for me. But, she also had succumbed to the webs of Alzheimers so I don’t know how much she really got from it. I realize that is not the important part anyway, but it makes me feel a bit lost because of it. I will never know how much she “got it”. What I went through when growing up and why it made me pretty much give up and close up. I managed to go on and have 3 beautiful daughters whom I adore and have a wonderful relationship with. I always wonder how badly I messed them up! Some things I know I passed on, and I will always regret that. How do I get through this and let go and move on? Just wanted to let you in on where I am at right now. I never felt I was good enough. Perhaps I never will.

    I welome any help you give.

    1. Stephanie
      Stephanie / 2-27-2013 / ·

      Hi Kathy Jo,

      I am so sorry you are stuck at this time in your life. I do find that when we are stuck a very important part of our journey is around the bend…When you mentioned the thoughts about how much she “got it” in terms of your mother, it made me think about how that time with her was so precious to you, it matters less that she got it and matters more that you were able to have that time with her and gain perhaps some form of closure. Not sure if you believe in an afterlife but if you do, whatever she didn’t get in her mortal state, she now gets I believe. As far as getting through this, letting go and moving on..I believe it is a process and that you have been already moving through this, letting go and moving on. Think less of it as a destination because as soon as you view it as a place you are getting to, it will be harder to see all the significant progress you have made. thank you for letting me in on where you are right now. Have you joined the sanctuary yet? it is free and a beautiful space where you can do some healing either through paid courses or the free healing room. I also have a facebook group for members which is private. http://www.healingtruthsanctuary.com

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